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Real people mentioned in the songs of The Fall

Abel T. Muzorewa (Methodist bishop, Prime Minister, Zimbabwe) - Muzoweri's Daughter
Adolf Hitler - Gramme Friday, Kurious Oranj, Early Days of Channel Fuhrer  
Alan A' Court (English footballer) - Assume
Alan Brazil (British footballer and sports broadcaster) - Hot Runes
Alan Minter (British boxer) - Fit and Working Again
Albert Einstein - Gut of the Quantifier
Alfred Denning (British barrister) - OFYC Showcase 
Alistair Cooke (British-born journalist, TV host) - Neighbourhood of Infinity (possible)
Amon Duul (German band) - Insult Song
Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark (British MP, 1932-2006) - Solicitor in Studio 
Aristotle Onassis - Blindness
Badly Drawn Boy - Susan vs. Youthclub 
The Beach Boys - Mike's Love Xexagon 
The Beat - Slates, Slags, Etc.
The Beatles - Shoulder Pads #1 and #2
Ben Marshall (Journalist, interviewed MES) - Bury Pts. 1 + 3
Bill (MES' father's friend) - Bill Is Dead 
Blimp (band formed by Spencer Birtwistle after he was in The Fall) - Reformation! 
Bo Derek - Bo Demmick
Bono - Pledge
Boris Yeltsin - Chilinism
British Electric Foundation - Tempo House
Brix Smith - Slang King
Buster Keaton - Cary Grant's Wedding
Captain Beefheart (Don van Vliet) (American musician, 1941-2010) - Deer Park, Insult Song
Carl Lewis (US Olympic athlete) - A Lot of Wind
Cary Grant - Cary Grant's Wedding 
Caroline (Mark's sister) - Powder Keg
Chris Carter (US television producer - Millennium) - The Quartet of Doc Shanley
Colin Wilson (English author, 1931-2013) - Deer Park 
Craig Scanlon (guitarist, The Fall) - Guest Informant, Craigness 
Damo Suzuki (lead singer, Can) - I Am Damo Suzuki 
Danny Saber (US musician) - The Quartet of Doc Shanley
Dave Bush (keyboardist, The Fall) - Crew Filth 
Dave Spurr (bassist, The Fall) - Insult Song, Latchkey Kid, Noise 
David Bowie - Mere Pseud Mag. Ed., Hard Life in Country, He Pep!, Get a Summer Song Goin'  
David Hume (Scottish philosopher) - Assume
Derek Hatton (British sports commentator) - Hot Runes
Dolly Parton - Mountain Energei
Doug Yule (American musician, The Velvet Underground, b. 1947) - Shoulder Pads #1 and #2
Elton John - Just Step S'Ways, Stout Man
Elvis Costello - Copped It
Fedde le Grand (Dutch DJ and producer) - Chino
Frank B. Kellogg (US Secretary of State, Kellogg-Briand Pact) - Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot
Frank Zappa (American musician, 1940-1993) - I'm Frank
Frankie Lymon - No Xmas for John Quays
Freddie and the Dreamers - Idiot Joy Showland 
Fritz Lieber (US fantasy author, coined term "sword and sorcery") - I Am Damo Suzuki 
Gary Bushell (British journalist/musician) - C'nC-S Mithering 
Gene Kelly (US dancer/actor) - Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s
Genesis (band) - Guest Informant 
Geoff Travis (founder, Rough Trade Records) - What You Need
George Best (Northern Irish footballer) - O! ZZTRRK Man 
George Orwell - Who Makes the Nazis?
George Wimpey (British founder of a construction company) - Prole Art Threat, Ladybird 
Grant Cunliffe (The Fall collaborator and engineer) - Noise
Gretchen Franklin (Actress, Eastenders) - Telephone Thing
Harold Shipman (British doctor, convicted of murder) - What About Us?
Henry Purcell (English composer, 17th century) - Pine Leaves
Henry V (Good King Harry) - Fortress 
Herb Alpert - C'nC-S Mithering 
Hilary Lorraine Moss (wife of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson) - Hilary
Homer (poet) - Fol de Rol 
Horatio Nelson (British admiral, 1758-1805) - Two Librans
Horst Wessel (Nazi activist, wrote words to Horst Wessel Song) - Slang King
The Idle Race (British rock group, 1960s) - No Xmas for John Quays
Iggy Pop - What You Need
Ian McShane (Actor, Lovejoy, Swearengen on Deadwood) - A Past Gone Mad
Irene and Jack Smith (MES's parents) - Latchkey Kid
Jake Burns (Guitarist, Stiff Little Fingers) - Cary Grant's Wedding
James Brown (British journalist) - Alton Towers 
James Fennings (Tour DJ, The Fall) - Blindness, Brillo de Facto
James Murphy (US musician, LCD Soundsystem) - Irish 
Jane Seymour (Third wife of Henry VIII, 1508-1537; English actress, b.1951) - Blindness
Jeffrey Archer (British politician and novelist) - Is This New
Jeremy Kyle (British radio and TV personality) - Is This New
Jesus Christ - No Xmas for John Quays, Tempo House
Jim Davidson (British comedian) - Neighbourhood of Infinity
Jim Watts (Bassist, The Fall) - Jim's "The Fall", Contraflow
Jimmy Carter (39th US President, b.1924) - Repetition
Jimmy Savile (TV personality, child abuser) - Fortress 
Joe Strummer - Cary Grant's Wedding
Johann Sebastian Bach - It's a Curse
John F. Kennedy (35th US President, 1917-1963) - Brillo de Facto
John McCarthy (British journalist, held hostage in Lebanon for 5 years)- Dr. Bucks' Letter
Johnny Rotten - C'nC-S Mithering 
Joseph McCarthy (US Senator, Red hunter, 1908-1957) - In My Area 
Judy Finnegan (British TV host) - Surmount All Obstacles, North West Fashion Show, Is This New
Julian Cope (English musician) - Two Steps Back
The Kane Gang (English music group) - Gut of the Quantifier
Karlheinz Stockhausen (German composer, 1928-2007) - I Am Damo Suzuki 
Keiron Melling (Drummer, The Fall) - Systematic Abuse, Get a Summer Song Goin' 
Keith Richards (guitarist, The Rolling Stones) - Laptop Dog  
Kevin Ayers (British musician, Soft Machine) - Eat Y'Self Fitter
Kiki Dee - A Past Gone Mad
King Wenceslas - No Xmas for John Quays
Kraftwerk - Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
L. Ron Hubbard - Proteinprotection 
Lauren Laverne (British DJ) - Alton Towers 
Lee Harvey Oswald (Accused assassin of J.F. Kennedy, 1939-1963) - Oswald Defence Lawyer 
Leo Tolstoy - Two Librans
Link Wray (American musician, 1929-2005) - Neighbourhood of Infinity
Lord Byron - Mountain Energei 
Lou Reed - Shoulder Pads #1 and #2
Louis Armstrong - Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot
M.R. James (English author of ghost stories, 1862-1936) - Spectre vs Rector 
Magnus Pyke (British nutritional scientist and TV personality) - Solicitor in Studio 
Mao Zedong - Repetition
Marc Riley (bassist/guitarist - The Fall) - Bonkers in Phoenix, Hey! Marc Riley
Margaret Thatcher - Mexico Wax Solvent
Marillion (British rock band) - Guest Informant 
Mark Twain - Oswald Defence Lawyer 
Megas Jonsson (Icelandic rocker/songwriter b.1945) - Iceland 
Manfred von Richtofen (The Red Baron - German fighter pilot) - Glam-Racket
Michael Clark (Scottish choreographer, collaborator on I am Kurious Oranj) - Yes O Yes, Cab It Up, Wrong Place Right Time
Mike Love (Musician, The Beach Boys) - Mike's Love Xexagon 
Miles Copeland (Manager, The Police), Ian Copeland (agent, 1949-2006), Stewart Copeland (drummer, The Police) - What You Need
The Moody Blues - Room to Live
Napoleon - Kurious Oranj 
Nebuchadnezzar (King, Babylon) - W.B.
Nero - Smile
Neville Wilding (Guitarist, The Fall) - (Jung Nev's) Antidotes
Oprah Winfrey - Two Librans
Patrick Moore (British astronomer) - Solicitor in Studio 
Paula Yates (British TV host and author) - Paintwork 
Pearl Jam - Hey! Student
Peter Cook (English actor and comedian, 1937-1995) - English Scheme
Peter Gabriel (English musician, Genesis and solo) - A Past Gone Mad
Peter Greenway (Guitarist, The Fall) - Greenway, Noise 
Peter Van Greenway (English author, 1929-1988) - Spectre vs Rector 
Pierce Brosnan (Irish actor) - Dedication Not Medication 
Pink Floyd - Chilinism
Plato - Dog is Life/Jerusalem 
Pope John Paul I (Alberto Luciani) - Hey! Luciani
Pope John Paul II - Papal Visit
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1900-2002) - The N.W.R.A.
Queen Victoria - Pacifying Joint
The Ramones - Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
Ray Milland (Welsh-born US actor, 1907-1986) - Spectre vs Rector 
Reg Varney (English actor, 1916-2008) - Garden
Richard Burton (Welsh actor, 1925-1984) - Tempo House
Sir Richard Burton (English explorer/writer, 1821-1890) - Get a Hotel
Richard Madeley (British TV host) - Surmount All Obstacles, North West Fashion Show  
Richard Wagner (German composer, 1813-1883) - It's a Curse
Rob Barbato (Bassist, The Fall) - Insult Song
Roger Corman (US film director, b.1926) - Spectre vs Rector 
The Rolling Stones - Chilinism 
Sam Chippendale (British real estate developer) - The N.W.R.A.
Sean Connery (Scottish actor) - Spencer Must Die 
Shaun Ryder (English musician, Happy Mondays) - Hey! Student
Shirley Temple (Child actress, 1928-2014) - The Littlest Rebel
Simon Spencer (British music producer) - Spencer Must Die
Simple Minds - Shake-Off
Spencer Birtwistle (drummer, The Fall) - (Birtwistle's) Girl in Shop
Stephen King (American author) - Glam-Racket
Steve Albini (US music producer) - 50 Year Old Man
Steve Hanley (Bassist, The Fall) - Guest Informant, North West Fashion Show, The Quartet of Doc Shanley, Stephen Song
Steve Trafford (Bassist, The Fall) - Clasp Hands
Talking Heads Shoulder Pads #1 and #2
Ted Rogers (British comedian and game show host, 1935-2001) - Joker Hysterical Face 
Terry Waite (English humanitarian, b.1939, hostage for 4 years in Lebanon) - Terry Waite Sez 
Dr. Theodor Morrell (Hitler's personal physician) - Gramme Friday
Tim Presley (Guitarist, The Fall) - Insult Song
Tony Blair (UK prime minister from 1997-2007) - On My Own
Trevor Long (Manager, The Fall) - The Birmingham School of Business School
Tycoons Follies (band started by Steve Trafford, one-time Fall bassist) - Reformation! 
U2 - A Past Gone Mad
Wah! Heat (Liverpool band of 1980's) - Slates, Slags, Etc.
Walt Disney (American businessman / filmmaker, 1901-1966) - Disney's Dream Debased 
Walt Whitman - Oswald Defence Lawyer 
Warren Mitchell (English actor, 1926-2015) - Pay Your Rates 
Wild Bill Hickok (Old West gunslinger, 1837-1876)  - Garden
William Blake (English poet, 1757-1827) - W.B.
William of Orange (AKA William III of England - Dutch prince, King of England, 1650-1702) - Guide Me Soft, Win Fall CD 2088 AD, Wrong Place Right Time
Winston Churchill (UK prime minister, 1874-1965) - Tempo House

Source for lyrics and annotations: The Annotated Fall, with thanks

Summary statistics:
Musicians (not associated with The Fall):52
Writers, authors, journalists: 20
Politicians, kings, queens: 20
Members of The Fall: 19
Actors: 14
TV and radio personalities: 10
Family and friends: 5
Composers: 5
Other: 32

Monday, August 24, 2015

Email from our building management firm on Citibike station

Theso Corp.

300 East 71st Street

New York, New York

August 21, 2015

All Residents


300 East 71st Street

New York, New York 10021

Re: Proposed Citi-Bike Installation      

Dear Resident(s):

As many of you are already aware, the City has proposed the installation of a new a Citi-Bike, multi-station bicycle rack on the east side of Second Avenue, between 71st Street and 70th Street, in the vicinity of Walgreens.  In short, right in front of our building.  This installation, coupled with the current level of traffic in front of our building and the additional traffic that will arise once the Second Avenue subway stations open up, will cause tremendous amounts of congestion, both vehicular and pedestrian, right outside our windows.  The picture below, taken from the Citi-Bike website, shows the proposed placement of the new station.


While we have been advised that the installation, should it not be relocated, will not take place until the MTA has completed their work on the Second Avenue subway in this specific location, this plan proposed by the City is not only unacceptable in its positioning but it is unfair to buildings such as ours that already deal with tremendous amounts of congestion.  Surely the City can find a less trafficked area to place this station.  To that end, the Board has been vigorously fighting this installation.  The Board has been working with an attorney to help navigate this fight and is doing everything possible to stop the installation.  We are also reaching out to the corporate offices of both Walgreens and Valley National Bank to get their support.    Despite our attorney's conversations with senior NYC administrators that nothing was decided nor finalized and we had time to fight this project, the plans for placement of the rack on our Second Ave frontage was nonetheless published on the Citi-Bike website after the Board's status report was delivered at the Annual Meeting in June.

Many residents have expressed a desire to help in this fight either by reaching out to personal contacts who may be able to assist in bringing about a change or by joining a committee to help coordinate the buildings efforts and attend various meetings about the proposed installation.  If you are interested in helping in the cause, now is the time to step forward.  Please call or email our managing agent, Adam Stern, at of 212-271-0290 and he will forward your information to the Board.  A Board member will then reach out to you directly.

Unless we mount a strong fight, our voices will not be heard and the bikes will be here to stay.  Time is of the essence.  If you can and want to help, please reach out ASAP.


The Board of Directors

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Velvet Crush In the Presence of Greatness Lyrics

This is my best effort - please leave corrections in comments

Window to the World

I see you up on your soapbox
I see you pinning your halo
You think and go through the motions
You think you know but you don't know

It feels so wrong I think you should let it go
You've been there long enough to know

Beautiful life
Wasted time
Beautiful dream
It's not mine

Your world to me is so hollow
You put them on like a raincoat
Your lies look so shallow
You think you see but you don't know
It's been so long
I guess you can't let it go
Maybe some things never change

It takes so long for me to not let it show
It's worth makes me walk away

And in your space I know you feel better
There in one place you always feel alright

You never really desert them
You want to leave but you don't go
See you draw back your curtain
You see it all from the window

Drive Me Down

Drive me down
Drive me down

Don't want to think about it
Got nothing to do about it

I know it
And you know it now
I saw it
And I know how you

You drive me down
You drive me down

Had to keep my distance from you
Less drink or two (??) to know you
You were perfect and you knew it
But lucky break I guess I blew it

I know it
And you know it too
I saw you
And I know how you

You drive me down
You drive me down
You drive me down

Drive me down
Drive me down, down
Drive me down
Drive me down

Ash and Earth

Try and hold on to a dream
Never get more than it means
I need to feel it
I know it's bad
Feel so tired and scattered

Reconstruct me from the tatters
Resurrect me from the ash
And the earth

So alone to wait and see
Slowly all day comes to be
Be by my side
This is all that matters

Reconstruct me from the tatters
Resurrect me from the ash and the earth that I've become

Be by my side

Reconstruct me from the tatters
Resurrect me from the ash and earth
Reconstruct me from the tatters
Resurrect me from the ash and earth

White Soul

Listen with your head
Tell me what you think that you said
Listen to your heart
Tell me if you want it to start

Listen soul music
Soul music soul
Soul searching
Soul letting go

Soul music
Soul music
Soul music oh

Listen try and see
Tell me what you read into me
Listen now and speak
Tell me what you think you believe
Listen soul music
Soul music soul
Soul searching
Soul letting go
Soul music soul music
Soul music oh

Tear it apart
Strip through the bones
And my heart

Listen now and touch
Tell me if you want it enough
Listen try to feel
Tell me if you think this is real
Listen soul music
Soul music soul
Soul searching soul letting go
Soul music soul music
Soul music oh


Like I told myself a hundred times
Like it takes the pain away

Concerning this turning
It's changed me
Leave you dry if you hide

Don't see it
Believe it
Don't think you never feel the shine

Like I tell myself a hundred times a day
Like it takes the tears away

Concerning this turning
It's changed me
Even running a while

Don't see it
Believe it
Don't think you'll never be inside


Blind Faith

When I was down
Needed someone to befriend
You weren't around so that's the end
You watched me fall and never offered me a hand
You kicked me once and that's enough

So help me now I don't need much to live
And take me now I've got no trust left to give

When she came in
She got underneath my skin
If she gives me time then that's enough

Another one to tell me
Love and I don't long   [??]
Friends that come and go so long
So long

Maybe this is not the place
To put my faith after all
This is not the place to put my faith

So know me now
I don't need much to live
And take me now
I've got no trust left to give
This is not the place to put my faith after all
This is not the place to put my faith

This is not the place to put my faith after all
This is not the place to put my faith

Speedway Baby

Twilight in the eastern sky
Hit me as it came
He is going to die
Round the shades the night was still
Stopping me as I began

Gliding through the northern lights
We even hit our stride but only for a while
So far up and so far down
It took so long to get around

See the way it goes
It went so fast
See the make believe
It won't last

Sky in the western sky
Like it never left
Leave us back tonight
Comes around lets it go
Not so tight and not so

See the way it goes
Went so fast
See the make believe
It won't last


Tell me what you're thinking now my dear
Can we make it through another year like this one
So sad and ordinary this life dips along
We've been so patient for so long

Tell me are we doing right my love
Thinking only pain is guidance from a firehouse
How plain and melancholy this world tends to be
With no one saving me from me

Finding out as we go
On and on there is no
Way that we could stop

So simply unremarkable our days unfold
Still I'm not ready to let go

Finding out as we go
On and on there is no
Way that we could stop


Lose yourself and you lose control
There is no one else to tell you when it goes

Lose your care
And your sense of smell
You lose everything you ever call your own

Think that you won't miss it when it's gone
Think you won't be lonely when you're alone

Think that you won't miss it when it's gone
Think you won't be lonely when you're alone

Lose yourself and you lose it all
You won't even know your heart from your asshole
You won't even know your heart from your asshole
You won't even know your heart

Die a Little Every Day

Everyone's got it bad
Everyone goes from bad to worse now bad
Given the chance

Everyone sees the end
Everyone's just your temporary friend
Of circumstance

Nothing's left but the feeling that we go on
Nothing's right for the start of each new day
If this is all there is then what are we here for
If there's no more than this than why are we here

Drifting in space and time
True direction seems so hard to find and understand
Everyone has to end
And die a little every single day
By their own hand

Nothing's left but the feeling that we go on
Nothing's right for the start of each new day
If this is all there is then what are we here for
If there's no more than this than why are we here

Nothing's left but the feeling that we go on
Nothing's right for the start of each new day
If this is all there is then what are we here for
If there's no more than this than why are we here
If there's no more than this

Friday, January 06, 2012

O'Reilly books color code for book spines


From Edie Freedman, Creative Director, O'Reilly, on 13 January 2011:

Web Design/Development: Teal
Programming: Magenta
Perl: Turquoise blue
Java: Dark purple
Apple: Light purple
System and Network Admin: Dark blue
Windows: Royal blue
Security: Yellow
Oracle: Orange
Data: Bright red
Mobile: Grassy green
Linux: Warm brown-red
In a Nutshell references: Rust red metallic

As topics morph and/or grow, we may introduce new colors and retire others. For example, you'll find some Data titles in the Programming group (we will change the color to our relatively new Data red when we reprint those titles).

-Edie Freedman, Creative Director at O'Reilly

Stormville's editorial comment: The perceptive reader will note these are Borgesian categories.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The William Faulkner Foundation First Novel Award

In 1949, William Faulkner was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. With some of the money he was awarded, he set up the William Faulkner Foundation. One of the things the Foundation did was award an annual prize for Notable First Novel. Who won this prize, you ask? So did I. Most people know that Thomas Pynchon won it for V. But finding a list of all the winners? The Internet failed me. (I feel like Herbert Stencil or Oedipa Maas). I even came up empty from a search of the usually reliable New York Times archive.

Faulkner died in 1962, leaving his papers to the University of Virginia. The papers are in Charlottesville under the name "Linton Massey Papers" (Massey was a friend, archivist and biographer of Faulkner). UVA has a very useful guide to the Massey Papers online that lists the award-winning authors from 1960 (the first award) through 1968. (More on UVA's Faulkner collections here.)

Matthew Hunte, in a great 2010 blog post, 75 Notes For An Unwritten Essay on Literary Prizes, says the Faulkner Foundation Award "was discontinued in the by the [sic] early eighties when the foundation ran out of money." Seems like Hunte himself isn't sure when the Faulkner Award was ended. (Foundations are basically required by the IRS to give their money away).

In 1980, the Faulkner Award was revived in name as the PEN/Faulkner award. It was first awarded in 1981 to Walter Abish for How German Is It? and has been given annually ever since. A list of winners is here.... except for what looks like one inexplicable omission, Ha Jin's 2000 win for Waiting. (Oddly -- the U. of New Orleans web site says that Rick Barton won that year for A House Divided. Yes, it's another mystery.)

Okay, my dozen readers! Anyone know any of the other winners? Anyone near enough to Charlottesville to do some legwork and figure out the other winners?

William Faulkner Foundation Notable First Novel Award winners

1960 A Separate Peace - John Knowles
1961 Stowaway- Lawrence Hall
1962 A Long and Happy Life - Reynolds Price
1963 V. - Thomas Pynchon
1964 Powdered Eggs- Charles Simmons
1965 The Orchard Keeper- Cormac McCarthy
1966 The Origin of the Brunists - Robert Coover
1967 A Hall of Mirrors - Robert Stone
1968 A Fan's Notes - Frederick Exley
1969 ????
1970 What I'm Going to Do, I Think - Larry Woiwode
1971 ????
1972 Geronimo Rex - Barry Hannah
1973 ????
All other years????

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gödel, Escher, Bach: The movie trailer

In a world where a2 + b2 does not always equal c2, one man seeks to change this.
Will Escher confuse him with impossible geometry? Will Bach charm him with a moving symphony? Will Gödel do whatever it is he does? Will Harry Potter make a lame cameo appearance?
Coming this summer:
Megan Fox as the Girl of the Golden Braid of Eternal Youth
Leonardo DiCaprio as Kürt Godel
Stephen King as MC Escher
Donald Trump as Johnny Bach
And a surprise appearance by Tim Curry as Pythagorus the evil wizard in
Gödel Escher Bach -- the Quest for the Golden Braid

These voices are crying out...for vengeance.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Essential Logic "Popcorn Boy" lyrics,
or 32 Years is a Long Time to Wait


YouTube Video!
To commenter Mikey B: My most grateful and eternal thanks. I have emended your lyrics based on what I hear on the record.

You don't need to think about Popcorn anymore
Popcorn has gone to New York
And he said we had to stop and get some popcorn
And he said that this was right
This could be bright in his hipknifing whirl
So he claimed
So he claimed

Sometimes we mistake you for Iron
Iron raw and iron fast
Eyelined wallpaper, your pressurized frame
Your Epileptone game of lights
Lights sights and fads -- lights sights and fads
Pads of hypnotized lads
Gods of living
Giving you your worth, space and girth [some lyrics missing?]
Wow! You're such a lucky boy
Wow! You're such a lucky boy
Could it be man?
Could it be man?
Could it be mine?
Will you ever hit the forest
Can you never fight the fame?
Cherish your ways of excellence popcorn boy popcorn boy
Ravish your ways of excellence popcorn boy popcorn boy

Your girlie
She wears her woolen tights on so you can play the flirt
She wears a woolen dress too so you can see right through
She suffers your pressure your daring lack of dirt
She mutters her leisure which is your skin tight shirt
Love is lust is self is love is lust is self is love is lust is self is love is love is love

by Lora Logic (1979)

Lora Logic as a mom with 2 adorable kids!